Bayshore Road
Vern visited here in January 16, 1995

His enthusiasm to visit his old friends from Fennville created a situation where
he was to have an encounter with the local police.

His sister Arleen, was with him. Vern was in Florida, attending a BICSI Conference at a Motel in Disney World. His job at Boeing required that he keep up to date. Actually his boss approved it so the telecommunications group had some one specialized on Bonding and Grounding and Vern just needed to brush up on it.

Monday the 19th, was his day off, so he rented a car and went to his sister, Arleen's, to spend the day. They took a drive to Nokomis to look up a friend of theirs from Fennville. While getting a sandwich at a deli in Nokomis, Vern called Albert Blackburn's house. His mother, Verna, answered the phone and advised Vern she had injured her back. She suggested I come to their house and gave GOOD directions. From the deli he was to west to Bayshore Dr., turn right (north). On Bayshore he was to turn left into the first driveway. That would be 1109 Bayshore, where they live. Vern was to go right in because Verna could not come to the door.

Well Vern missed the street, seeing a sign for Bayshore a couple 100 ft. further on. The first drive he saw he turned in. Going to the door, Vern walked into a beautiful summer kitchen and heard this lady say, who's there, and she appeared. Vern was in the wrong house. She was Mrs. York, very nice, and advised Vern that Blackburn's lived just across the fence, to the North.

Going back, they took the North leg of Bayshore, saw the address and took the driveway that looked most used and drove in. Vern walked up to the house and called out...HELLO !! with no answer. He opened the unlocked door and called out again...HELLO !! with no answer. He stepped inside, observing what a great home they now have, a big indoor pool, scuba gear, etc.,  and called a third time with no answer and decided he should leave.  Outside he met a woman who he knew only as "Gail", after seeing the name on her cars license plate. She was very upset, "what are you doing in my house?" she said, yelling "911", and she did call the Sheriff.

About 5 min. later, a deputy quietly drove in and Vern told him his intentions. He looked at my out of state license, listened, and went inside the home and explained the situation to Gail. Later the officer returned saying she now understood. Vern offered to go and apologize to her but he said "that would not be too good to try that just then. She may not leave her door open anymore". Vern then asked the officer to escort him to the correct house.

Arleen and Vern had a good visit with Verna (Mrs. Blackburn) and her son Robert.
Albert was not home as he stays out on the ranch most of the, with no way to get hold of him.

Verna's folks lived in Fennville and she lived there so as the kids would get a better education.

After they graduated, all moved back to Florida.

After the incident and during that night, Vern became worried that the lady might try to press charges at a later date. On the 17th, between 7:30 and 7:45 a.m., Vern called the sheriff at 813-951-5800 which was recorded by that office. A woman answered, transferred the call to a male officer who assure Vern that he had nothing to worry about because he was not charged at the site.

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