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Revised September 11, 2014
In 1997 - Bryan, after working at Edmark, Co-founded Monolith Productions which was located on NE 39th Place, Kirkland, WA.
He acquired this family URL for Christmas, in the same year.
and created the 1st Bouwman page with links to his company.
Sara's Page was also created then.

In 2002 Monolith Productions was sold where he again co-founded "HIPSOFT" where family games are still created.

Bryan and his sister Kelly were brought to the North West in 1978 after they and their mother Letha, followed their father, Vern and his work, around the United States .
Vern started to learn programing along with Bryan. Working with Boeing was where he really broke into making web pages.
At Boeing he created a set of web pages that pointed out the location of every Boeing workstation in the world. After retiring in 2000 he started to create web pages to follow the family tree.

The 1st family to follow was his mother's side of the family, SHECKLER. Both Vern and Letha were raised in Michigan so that's where most of family webpages originate.

Letha's family is BILLAU.

Since 2002, Vern has worked hard in Navy History