to the Bouwman Page
of Washington State
Revised 12-04-2005
Bryan acquired this family URL for Christmas 1997.
Bryan created his page 1st with links to his company,
MONOLITH.      He also created Sara's Page.

Bryan's parents, Vern and Letha
were born and raised in Michigan.
The first link Vern put on was some of the Sheckler
information, such as his mother, etc.  This is now quite a big file.

We are really short of Bouwman information because we lost touch
with the family in the 1940's when Mom was divorced.
Vern received much more information about Bouwman's in November of 2005

Letha's family "The BILLAU's" is now on line.

Vern is now working big time with his Navy ship reunion
and High School Reunions