Delivering the TIMES
Bryan has always made friends and progressed in knowing
how to do something. At age 6 he was operating a model train set, a couple years later, creating a movie theater
under the house, and in Arizona, being the class chess champion. He and I won several bowling trophies.

Here in Bellevue he was a leader in the 8th and 9th grade in helping classmates learn programing knowledge by acquiring books and teaching THEM SELFS how to program.

He even helped his teachers learn
in High School!

Along comes this
Awarding News Article.

What a Joy.
Sister and Mom helped on the route during our wonderful rainy days.
Seattle Times January 1980
Bouwman puts profits into Apple II
       A young man is very  busy these
days,  keeping   track   of   customers,
programing   grading   systems  and
seating charts for  school as  wel l as
programming games.
       Bryan  Bouwman,    46052  , has
purchased   a  new    Apple  II    48K
computer with one disc drive.      The
 $1800 piece  of  magical   machinery
 does a lot for Bryan's hobby. He has
been     busy      programming      and
designing  new  programs  ever since
he acquired his computer partner.  A
 micro   soft   16K   expansion,  which
adds  other  computer   languages  to
the  basic unit,  will soon be added to
 the Apple II. number of problems."
Bryan takes time out from a new project to show his new
 Apple II 48K computer. Much of Bryan's spare time is spent
in his room working out new problems/projects on this $1800
                              machine. Photo by Joanie Komura
       Bryan  started  his  times route
June 1, 1979, and delivers 42 daily
and 46  Sunday  papers.   He's a 14-
year- old  ninth grader  at  Chinook
Junior High School.
       Bryan's   second   most  favorite
hobby       (after   computers)          is
photography.  His home is equipped
with   a    darkroom    in    which   he
develops the black and white people
shots he takes in his spare time.
      "This expansion  will increase the capacity   of  the   computer  so  I  can
 learn other   languages  (computer),"  Bryan Explained.     "It's  used   in  a   lot of Businesses to  solve  a   number  of problems."
        Computer  languages  being  an
 important part of his life, Bryan can
go for miles without saying anything
about  anything  else  but computers. 
Just as he's finished telling about the
16K, he bounces right into the Pascal
system  which   is  a  newer  language
 system   and    even   "more  powerful
 than  the  Fortran"  package  already
mentioned.     But   the   conversation
does turn to paper  routes eventually.
     College is in Bryan's  plans for  the
future, no doubt to pursue a career in
computer  programming.    He doesn't
really  think  he'll  do  much  with  his
photography,   except   keep   it   as   a
special spare time hobby.
      Bryan lives  in   Bellevue  with  his
mon, dad and 12-year-old sister.