930 109th Ave. N.E.    Phone (was) 206-425-1370
ROCKS were
kept in that


Sue and Hannah
knew where the
ROCK was.

These are the vehicles that carried our belongings to the NORTH WEST.
It was in May of 1978. The Mayflower had THE ROCK.
The car had 2 Rabbits, 2 Parakeets, with a bird cage on top.

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we moved from.

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The first things Bryan and Kelly did
was to introduce the rabbits to Northwest Grass.

Then they claimed the tree by putting
up a swing building a tree house.

Angela and Kelly became friends quickly.
The trip to Alaska presented a problem for Vern. He had pets that had to be taken care of and he was home alone. Letha had taken Bryan and Kelly to Michigan for a long visit.
He presented himself to the neighbors across the street. Richard, Sue and Angela Brideson. They agreed to have the birds at their home and hung them up in their dining room. Their cats loved them. :)

We picked this house to rent
because it was right next
to a grade school.
Mistake; the school was
scheduled to be torn down
for a new city library.

Vern chose to commute
to Seattle where
 his new job was.
Then it was the
BUS No. was 253.

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he worked.

Vern's First project was in Fairbanks, Alaska. His company was working with a larger company where they had several meetings before his first trip to Fairbanks. This trip, on June 26 1978, was just for meetings. The real engineering work did not occur until 1984.
This was from 1978 through 1996 when the personal computer came into being.  Our family
progressed with the times in this house for 18 years; as Bellevue progressed with building
a wonderful city. Bryan bought an Apple II computer in 1980 as  he was earning
money by having a paper route. This was 5 years before the World Wide Web
"WWW" was born. He built an older style computer for me in that same year.
I was learning the "BASIC" language to create programs at work.
The WWW creator, also made the "FIRST WEB PAGE".
Bryan created "" on
Dec. 17th, 1997. I then created
our first web page.