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I came upon the page about
 traveling abroad.
It's about being prepared for different
types of toilets while traveling to other
countries. As a westerner I, until now,
would not have known how to
approach the situation.

Are we of the
Leading the whole world
in the wrong direction?

In reading this afternoon, my
Uncle John's Great Big
Bathroom Reader

The  main thing you have to to learn is
to squat and not put toilet paper in the
squat-toilet, if even paper is supplied.

It seems the rest of the world is accommodating us westerners with sitdown toilets;
BUT, should they do so? The squat toilet can be much cleaner because your body does not touch it. Also the waste that leaves your body, does so more easily, leading to a more healthy life. The worst place for the squat toilet however is aboard fast moving trains.

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There are BIG PEOPLE in today's Western World,
that would love a squat toilet, if they could squat.
They are the one's who keep asking for the plunger.
"Big Object Toilet Tool"
The Kit consists of,
(1) A smooth, strong, knife,
(2) A toilet
(3) A case to keep the tools handy.

The "KNIFE" should be of the type used at the dinner table.
Smooth and easy to clean.