Sheckler WWII Duty in the Pacific
From 1942 through 1945
Oahu was a port for the USS Adair APA-91, with Linn Sheckler Jr. aboard.
Oahu was also home for brother; Staff Sargent Merril Sheckler who Linn visited.
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1935 Series A Hawaii Overprint Silver Certificate Dollar
As a result of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in 1941, the government decided to outlaw the possession of more than $200 cash for citizens in Hawaii. The government announced that "New Money" would be printed for Hawaii shortly. In July of 1942 money was printed bearing the imprint "Hawaii" on the front and a large overprint of "Hawaii" on the back of the bills. This was the only legal tender in the territory of Hawaii. Over 2 million dollars in old money was taken to the Aiea sugar mill and burned. The new currency with the overprint was referred to as "Emergency Issue" and was issued in $1, $5, $10 and $20 denominations. Any serviceman or citizen entering Hawaii had to convert to the new money upon arrival, and reconvert upon leaving.
In case of a complete invasion by Japan, they would not be able to spend the captured currency. It could be deemed worthless. A similar note was issued for Military use in Europe and North Africa with the addition of a yellow treasury seal as an identifier.

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