Built in 1923, the "John Wayne House" (Quarters 30) was originally located closer to where the Battleship Missouri is today. Prior to filming the movie "In Harm's Way," the production company moved the house to its current location and added a small back room. The reasons for the move vary. The most prevalent suggestion is that since it is a little smaller than the other houses, it would accentuate the actor's size. Once production was finished, the house remained in its location. Since then, the two-bedroom bungalow has housed officers and their families. The residents have an "In Harm's Way" party every year on the Saturday prior to the Dec. 7 commemoration ceremony. About 20 yards away, the original Arizona Memorial stands directly across from where the battleship sank. The large rock monument, erected on Dec. 7, 1955, is one of several historical markers stationed around the island.