..KAUAI, Hawaii..
....Population 50,947 ..Total area is 549 sq. miles - 33 miles long and 25 miles wide with 90 miles of coastline.
....LIHUE is the county seat and location of the Kauai Airport...Each yellow colored city has a link to city map
....plus links on RedNotes, Kilauea Light House, Waimea Canyon and Wettest Spot.
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Kaua'i's official flower is the mokihana (green berry)
The mokihana is a green berry that grows on the rare mokihana tree only in the rainforests of Kauai. It smells like anise and is a favorite perfume of the Islanders. Mokihana berries are often used in leis with strands of maile, another fragrant plant.

The island's official color is purple 

Nawiliwili, Kauai, Hawaii
This quaint port was named for the wiliwili trees that grow here in profusion. 

Waimea Canyon, was named the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific" by Mark Twain.

Kaua'i was the first Hawaiian Island English explorer Capt. James Cook stumbled upon in 1778, while sailing from Tahiti toward North America. While it has long been believed that Cook was the first European to set foot in the Islands — he first did so at Waimea, on Kaua'i's southwest coast — recent evidence has some historians claiming that Spanish sailors may have visited the Islands more than a century earlier...."Point of "Discovery"

Kauai, the fourth largest Hawaiian island, is a place of raw beauty touched by simple elegance, a place just waiting to be discovered. Geologically, it is the oldest island, having emerged from the ocean during the Tertiary Period. The island formed around its primary volcano, Mt. Waialeale, which reached 10,000 ft.at it highest peak. Extensive erosion of the primary caldera over geologic time resulted in the deep river valleys and rugged mountains characteristic of the island today.

All this time, Kauai remains largely undeveloped, its rugged interior unpaved and unencumbered by man-made structures. Even in the populated coastal areas, wide stretches of open space give way to the tranquility of nature growing wild. It is this steadfast and imperfect blend of man and nature that gives Kauai its unassuming and peaceful nature.

There is only one main highway on Kauai shaped in the form of a horseshoe.  The road does not circle around the entire island.  It is highly recommend that you ask for information from your hotel or resort on the various ByPass Roads (in Kapaa, Lihue, & Koloa) on Kauai that can also shorten your commute times to your various activities. 

MOVIES filmed here: Elvis's Blue Hawaii, South Pacific, King Kong, Jurrasic Park, and Fantasy Island.

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