Well, here it is tooth #18. It was pulled on  Nov. 4th, 2005 around 10:00 am. It didn't hurt much, just a lot of yanking around. The dentist was right, the area under the cap was going bad. The tooth broke into 4 pieces which is not unusual for for a capped tooth.

Tooth's 19 and 16 were pulled also.

Now on to another 1st, a partial plate to fill in the now open space on my lower left area.

Above is an image taken when it was suggested #'s 16, 18,19 be removed.
#19 broke of a year ago and is rotting - allowing poison to enter Vern's head.
This x-ray below was taken to observe the root area of Vern's teeth

This is not fun. It can hurt a lot. The Dental Doctors
do a great job for the people who do not help themselves
At the age of 65, Vern still has
60% of his teeth.  This is some
what of a wonder because he
has not been known as one
that has brushed his teeth a lot.
He has however gone to the
dentist quite regular and had a
lot of work done.
Drilling, Pulling,
Needle injections
His mouth is worth
at least $30,000

The orange area displays what the
Root Canal Specialist has drilled
out, live pulp.  Plugs were then
inserted to fill the empty space.
The small hole at the bottom of
the canal fills with body fluids
to make a physiological seal.
The tooth, having lost it's
live pulp, will still provide
a good chewing area.
The Gold areas are permanent
Caps.  If He brushes good these
should last the rest of his life.

There is a white line
crossing the top of
the two teeth.
I removed this from
the images above because the line is
the tool being used to hold the x-ray film.

Just to