Are you a senior Citizen?
Do you own a Swiffer WetJet

My lovely wife received one as gift.
She loves it.
I, have no idea how nice it is
and have not used it too often.

For a week now, she has been trying to get
the thing working after she changed a bottle of soap.
It just wouldn't work.

She called Sara, she has one.
"Did you change the batteries", Sara says.

Well no, dah!
the wife and I both look for the battery compartment.
No were, could we see it.
Hey, let's look at the instruction book.
(The image above displays that, it is only an inch wide.)

Looking the Swiffer over, we could not find an edge
where the batteries might be.

While being home alone, I said
"The answer will be on the web".
Google "change battery Swiffer"
Up it comes - 7 persons have same problem
There was only one answer.
With that I look a little closer at mop,
I think there is something missing.
I looked all over the house, on the floor.
No battery container.

Wife comes home,
(she kept mop in outside closet, I forgot that),
She goes to closet, THERE SHE BLOWS!

Mop fixed.

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