Same Sex Relationships

This is a subject as old as time. Relationships between the same sex of a human can also come about in other mammals, as well as fish. The web is now full of explanations and theories. (I will not bother with where this information is). I will not use words like “Gay, Queer, or Homo”.

Sexual orientation has more to do with upbringing, environmental aspects and exposure. It might have something to do with chemicals or hormones but this has not been proven. A homosexual person puts as much free will and choice into being homosexual as a heterosexual puts in being heterosexual.

Most experts agree that sexual orientation is not a choice and, therefore, cannot be changed. Some people who are homosexual or bisexual may hide their sexual orientation and/or live as heterosexuals to avoid the prejudice that exists against people who are homosexual and bisexual or to avoid their own moral dilemmas felt when their sexual orientation is incompatible with their personal beliefs.

It can be said there is nothing wrong with being homosexual; it just makes a person a little rarer than the average person. Maybe the secret is, to have something kind to say, and do and think about others instead of calling them some derogatory name or harming them in some way. It is the simple essence of religions on earth today. Better to do something for anyone than to do something to someone!

The writings of Sigman Freud say that homosexuality is formed between the ages of 5 and 10 and is not focused on a parent figure but on peers. As a consequence, he reasons, homosexuals are not abnormal.

The American Psychiatric Association has stated that, "to date there are no replicated scientific studies supporting any specific biological etiology for homosexuality. Similarly, no specific psychosocial or family dynamic cause for homosexuality has been identified, including histories of childhood sexual abuse".

With all this said, we know these sexual preferences are not going to go away. Humans need sexual satisfaction to function, for many reasons. It fact, it is proven that self satisfaction is healthy. If it were practiced more perhaps there would be less abusiveness, and killing. If two persons can have the same goals in life, enjoy the same thing, have fun, get along, and confine in each other; let’s let them live together and be friends with them. If they have sex together, that is just a small part of their life. Many prominent persons are homosexuals and do great good for our country.

Remember marriage also happens between different human races and religious believes. Also remember; every person has challenges in their live. Many challenges are simple, some not so simple; as I tried to relate to in my mothers and my life.

There is another side to this, military service. Homosexuals among the military ranks that are getting a little older can have a much harder time having relations with the same sex. They will try hard to make contact with the younger person who has had a hard time coming to terms with the facts of life. These persons are very vulnerable and need to be considered. If the contact, mentioned above, becomes negative, conflicts among the whole military company can arise. I fully respect the military having regulations that will remove the homosexuals from service, just like those who commit crimes.

Vern Bouwman June 1, 2009