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 His Hometown is Fennville Michigan.  He lives in Bothell, Washington.
Vern has 55 Friends.
Robert Berry   Morrie Sachsenmaier   Helen Bale   and daughter Kelly  ARE BEST COMMETERS :)
Created to remember the AO-143 Class Oilers and their HISTORY.
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Larry Lee Thornten is the only crew member who makes comments.
 I have become known as a NOTORIOUS guy who gathers information about ship history.
Lets use Notable though!

In perhaps ten years of my following dead ships to their grave,

When it came to following the Navy's Air Craft Carriers, it became more difficult.
All persons who were connected with the move were FORBIDDEN to talk to me.
It started off CHILE.
But I had recorded a pattern on how the ships were moved and followed them anyway.
The modern ship following technologies,
 with a signal ships are required to transmit, makes it simple.

Webcams placed in high traffic places also help.
Google sends cars around the whole world to take pictures of your front door.

Now think about how the Japanese were able to attack Pearl Harbor successfully.
They used technologies available to acquire the information needed to get to the
right place without being detected. They also had local workers to listen to
Navy personnel talk about their job. Yup! The old adage still applies people.

Terrorists, already in place, are using the new technologies against us.
Use the right information to make your life a happy one.

In support of the The voyage of the WWII Survivor, USS Hoga YT-146,
I supply the public a means to watch the LAST VOYAGE from Mare Island, California to its new home.
The voyage was enjoyed when the MAYOR of North Little Rock, Rode the tug to SAN DIEGO.
The Facebook page has several PHOTOS.

This page is an attempt by me to display to the Hikers of the NORTH WEST
how the Trails they hike on were created on Logging Train Railroads.
There are several PHOTOS.  i have added tribute to another historian,
displayed near the Candaian Border at CLEAR BROOK, WA.

This page is to make the public aware of the up-coming SEATTLEII FLIGHT.
 It has 3 HITS A DAY!   I will UP DATE THIS MAP from their daily report.
We are in need of extra cash as we ONLY have Social Security to live on.
Everthing I have posted on the web will go away when I pass on. :(
We have received  $350 as of July 30, 2019; from the Memory Sticks I have sent out.

Each stick contains
 A story of AO-143 Class oilers with 9 VIDEOS;
The history of Puget Sound with 1 VIDEO;
The story the new Seattle II By-plane with 1 VIDEO;
Navy Ship history in Pacific & Atlantic with 46 VIDEOS;
Oil tanker history with 24 PDF files;
My, (Vern's) Telephone Engineering History;
And the "History of WWII" with 38 VIDEOS.

This Clear Water Page contains only an EXAMPLE the ships I have followed.
CLEAR WATER means retired ships are safe to be towed into the oceans.
There are several links to my web pages - like QUAKER CITY.

MARK TWAIN was once broke like we are. He said,
"It is not a sin to go into debt but YOU ARE A DAM FOOL not to try and get out.