Vern's Doctor in treating "Guillian Barre Syndrome"
March 31 to April 14, 2000
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Thomas B. Curtis, M.D
                        Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 

                        Medical Education
                       Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 1979

                       Naval Regional Medical Center, Oakland,
                        California, 1980

                       Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University of Washington Medical
                        Center, Seattle, 1987

                        Professional Affiliations
                       Instructor, Virginia Mason's Chronic Pain Management Program; Officer,
                        Puget Sound Spine Interest Group; Fellow, American Academy of Physical
                        Medicine and Rehabilitation

                        Board Certifications
                       American Acadamy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 1989

                        Joined VM

                       Virginia Mason Seattle Main Clinic

                       Preventive care, exercises to delay the natural aging process

                        On Patients
                       "It is not enough that quality care is delivered. Patients must also perceive
                        that the care they receive is quality."

                        On Virginia Mason
                       "Virginia Mason has provided the highest quality care for decades and now
                        finds itself struggling in competition with larger medical institutions that
                        deliver care less expensively. Our challenge is to maintain high quality at
                        decreased cost."

                        On Specialty Care
                       "The most important thing for a person's happiness is not the integrity of his
                        or her back or joints, etc., but rather the person's perception of well-being. It
                        feels good when I can deliver peace of mind."