The Liberation of the Netherlands
A Bouwman contributes to commemorating the liberation of the Netherlands by Canadians
When Holland was overrun by the Nazis in May 1940, Queen Wilhelmina sought refuge in England. In 1942, the Crown Princess Juliana was persuaded to leave for Canada where she made her wartime home. When victory was secured in 1945, Princess Juliana and her family returned to their homeland where they found the people recovering from the ravages of war. 

..Happenings in the Netherlands included the ..interment of Dutch Jews, who had moved illegally the Netherlands, in the Westerbork refugee   After the Nazi conquest of Holland, it was ..expanded into a transit camp and was used until ..April 1944.

Date: Nov. 3, 1944   Era: During WWII
Captured by British troops on the third day of the invasion, German prisoners of war cluster on a patch of high ground in the town of Middelburg in the flooded interior of Walcheren Island.

World War II  Photgraphs from the Simon Wiesenthal Center :

Initial Allied landings on the beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944, included the First Canadian Army being assigned the task of clearing the coastal areas and opening the channel ports for vital supplies. The First Canadian Army was international in character. In addition to three Canadian divisions it had a Polish Division, a British Corps, and at various times American, Belgian and Dutch troops.

The 2nd Canadian Division being welcomed to Dieppe. Boulogne, Calais, and Cap Gris Nez followed, and by the end of September the Channel coast,

In September, in southern Holland the British and American troops had pushed forward on a broad front.  the 2nd British Army mounted an airborne attack to secure river crossings at Grave, Nijmegen and Arnhem.

On 17 April, 1945,
the Canadian lead tanks roll into Apeldoorn, loudly cheered by relieved residents.

The Liberation of the Netherlands was completed on May 5, 1945 by the First Canadian Army

In celebrating the
Liberation of the Netherlands
The Original painting "FRIENDS"
was presented to the
Mayor of Burlington, Ontario
by the
Canada Netherlands Friendship Association (CNFA),

Painting by: Jason Bouwman

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