A Michigan - BOUWMAN Birth Place
In the past Uithuizen (pronounced "Out-housen")was an agricultural centre with a large cattle- and horse-market.
The word Uithuizen can be translated as ‘out of the house’, but it does mean ‘farthest houses’.
Because the people in Uithuizen were very religious, they built a lot of churches of all religions.
There is a protestant, baptist, reformist and a catholic church.
To the east is a unique community called "Uithuizenmeeden" where the city decor is based on mermaids.
To the west is "Usquert" where "Sinterklaas and "Black Peter" come by boat to see the children at Christmas.

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If you are visiting the Netherlands and don't speak "DUTCH", here are a few phrases. Remember first that
younger people in the area speak English, but many of the older ones do not.
"Dank u wel" (thank you very much)
"Ik begriep u niet"(I don't understand you)
"alstublieft" (please or you're welcome)
"Spreek je Engels?" (Do you speak English?)
 "Ik spreek Nederlands niet" (I don't speak Dutch)

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The name "BOUWMAN"
in Dutch means "
man die het land bebouwt"
in English means "
man who tills the land"
"BOUW" is used in many ways, like -
Building - bouw, aanbouw, constructie, bouwwerk, gwbouw, perceel
Culture - beschaving, bouw, cuultuur, teelt, verbouwing
Structure - bouw, constructie, samenstelling, structur

"BOUWEN" is similar
Build - bouwen, construeren, opbouwen, timmeren
Build from wood - bouwen, opbouwen, timmeren
Construct - aanleggen, bouwen, construeren

"CONSTRUCT" uses words like
aanleggen, bouwen, construeren

There  you go - BOUWMAN's are builders :)

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