Café Bouwman Utrechtsestraat 102
1017 VS Amsterdam.
Tel: 020 - 330 6752

Opening hours: Mon-Thu 10:00-01:00
Fri-Sat 10:00-03:00
Sun 11:00-01:00
Number of draught beers: 3 Number of bottled beers: 5 Regular draught beers:
Bouwman is a subtly stylish café with a host of original features

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Utrechtsestraat. It's how  Amsterdam was 30 years ago. No cheapo chain shops and crappy fastfood outlets here. The physical similarity with the Leidsestraat - single tram track with stops on the canals - only emphasises the cultural chasm between the two streets.

Utrechtsestraat is also rich in watering holes. Look closely at the rather pretty photo of Bouwman's leaded glass door and you'll be able to spot Onder de Ooievaar in the background.
Bouwman is in a very similar corner building from around 1900. A very attractive style of architecture. It has a low, partly green-painted bar counter. That's always a good sign. No-one has built this type of counter in the last 50 years; with alternating painted and carved panels.

Beer - oh yes, you're probably interested in that, aren't you? What you would expect - Duvel, a pair of Westmalles and a couple more. No, nothing very special.
Rating: **** (plus 1 for the door) Public transport: Tram 4.
It's pleasing that so many pubs have left their leaded lights in place.  The highlight is the door.
Old Amstel adverts are brilliant. They have a nice cheesy 1950's poster, that you may be able to spot over the shoulder of the bloke in the flat cap, on the wall here.
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