Jack and Gwen  Duzinski at Hood Canal
View: 2009 REBUILD
A 1990 Area Photo

A Close-up before they purchased property
1st place to right of bridge, notice the trees that were their.

Gwen, watching the Trident with their dogs in May, 2003
Subs go through the Hood Canal Bridge quite often and you can tell when
they are coming because the traffic noise stops - i.e. the bridge is opening.

A Close Up

Heading Home

FUN AT THE BEACH - July, 2003
A friend with her dogs came over to play in the water,
that is the Olympic Mountains in the background.

Duke and I watching from our yard on Jan. 27, 2004
Barge going to Navy Base. Name of barge was "Combat Warrior".

But wait, what is dock like structure at left edge of photo
What has happened to all the trees?

A Close Up in 2004

Submarine coming through, August 23, 2004

A dock full of Mobil Cranes AND down by the middle of the bridge is a
Mobil crane on a barge.  Sept. 21, 2004

The Coast Guard is watching

Two years later - Gwen walking the beach

Bridge anchor being pushed into position

Bridge anchor ready for lowering

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