David and Gita ben-Praz-Bouwman

February 14, 2003
My wife, who is a Bouwman from Holland wants me to start making a family tree of her family after I did the same for my father's family in Holland. Mostly, Bouwman in Holland is written without the W and therefore your name and hers are quite exeptional in our eyes. We don't know weather there is a family link between us but it is quite interesting to find out and start building a tree. If you are interested please let us know and we will take it from there..................................Kindest regards,

February 15, 2003
My last name is ben-Praz which I changed in Israel from my original Dutch name of de Vries about 25 years ago. I am not certain at all that you are related to the family of my wife Gita. You said in your different websites that the Bouwman family originates from the city of Haarlem. Although Gita was born there and my grandfather was the rabbi there for 40 years the Bouwman family of Gita did not originate from Haarlem. Are you from Jewish parentage? The names of your grandfather and mother seem to suggest that but I am not certain. Coats of arms are not a typical Jewish way of expression although the famous Rothchild family had a coat of arms....................... Regards David 

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