Vern & Letha were living in East Moline, IL while Vern worked on the Port Byron Telephone Company Rebuild.
 On Sunday, October 25th of 1964 Vern and Letha drove to Cedar Rapids, Iowa and witnessed the arrival of four planes, a Lockheed C-121 Constellation Columbine carrying the official funeral party.
Two more planes landed The C-130 Military Transport Service plane carrying the Presidents coffin,
and another the body bearers and color guard .

Cars line Highway 218 south of the Cedar Rapids airport to watch the cortege of former President Herbert Hoover move toward West Branch for burial. Countless-thousands lined the highways between Cedar Rapids and West Branch.
From an Interstate 80 overpass, Vern and Letha observed the cortege moving toward West Branch.
At West Branch, Vern and Letha saw President Hoover's Birth Home.
"3" Connie type Presidential planes were built
PRESIDENT EISENHOWER. This was one of them.