288 Shaker Road  CANTERBURY, NH 03224   (603) 783-9511

Vern and Letha visited here for a short time after traveling east from Hillbourgh on US202,
onto I-89 into Concord "New Hampshire Capital" then north on I-93 for a bit, getting off to
avoid construction and traveling through beautiful rural housing areas, arriving at the settlement.

The large building is called the "DWELLING HOUSE", a dormitory for Shaker Brothers & Sisters.
The building to the left is the "CREAMERY" where an interesting and good sandwich with
a special fruit drink was had.
- - -
The Shaker story began in the 18th century Manchester, England when dissidents from various religions,
including English Quakers, formed a religious society founded on prophetic doctrine.  In 1774 visionary
Ann Lee and eight members of the society immigrated to New York.  They eventually settled at Watervliet,
N.Y. where they made their living from farming.   They called themselves the United Society of
Believers in Christ's First and Second Appearing.  They were known as Shaking Quakers or Shakers
because of their agitated movements during worship services.

Canterbury Shaker Village was founded in the 1780's where at its peak, 300 people lived, worked
and worshipped in 100 buildings on 4000 acres.

Vern and Letha found this carraige and sleigh in the front barn.
Below is a wash stand they found in the corner.

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