To keep the area below the sink, more usable for storage and a garbage disposal, the piping was arranged a little different. The diagram on the back shows where the existing drain vent leads from the drain, left a couple feet to the roof.
The replacement of KITCHEN CABINETS
began as soon as we moved in.
The LEFT photo was taken before we moved in.
The RIGHT photo was taken with Letha in March of 1997.

Vern, assembling the sink base cabinet.
The SINK BASE in place, notice that two heat vents,  had moved out from under foot.
Also, new linoleum and carpet was in place over the entire home floor.

A little helper in the drawer area next to refrigerator
A completed image in 1999, displays a counter in front with suspended lighting,
Cabinets completed on both sides with new Microwave with vent through roof for stove and a dropped ceiling with fluorescent lighting.

Existing cabinets
were of
ugly plastic!

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