BOUWMAN Cousins meet in 2002

Johanna Weemhoff, Judith Faye, Vern Bouwman, Pam Riemer
Met Vern for the 1st time on October 2, 2002

Johanna's Husband is a Grandson of John Bouwman
Judith is a Granddaughter of John Bouwman
Vern is is the Son of Herman Bouwman
Pam is a Granddaughter of John Bouwman

John Bouwman and Herman Bouwman - brothers
were the sons of Jacob and Elizabeth Bouwman

They four met, along with Vern's wife, at Arnie's Restaurant
1960 Breton in Grand Rapids, Michigan
shown below
..After a lite snack, Pam went with Vern to Garfield Cemetery
to show him the grave of the girls Grandmother

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