Thanks for your notes.  I'm sorry I missing you during your last days at Boeing.  Hope retirement is serving you well.  You've had an impressive career!  I'm even more impressed and envious of how well you have it documented and presented.  Over the few years that we've communicated, I've been impressed by the tremendous level of knowledge skills, and experience that you have amassed; you definitely leave me humbled.  I hope you continue to have the opportunity to transcribe an autobiography of your experiences and your insight gained from the good and bad of it all.  The world has changed so much in the communications industry and so much valuable knowledge, skill, and wisdom is being lost as us
"younger" people try to carve out our careers.  Those BSP's that provided so
much detailed information seem to be disappearing as fast as the experienced
retirees leave and BOC's transition their work to outside contractors.  I'd
venture to say that few people starting a career nowadays could hope to acquire a significant fraction of the experience and knowledge you have.   The wisdom you've gained and the "lessons learned" that you've acquired from countless projects would be interesting reading.

Michael A. Unrein,  RCDD
Boeing - Wichita