When Vern's Mom quit working for the war effort in Grand Rapids she moved her family
back to Fennville. She placed Vern and Arleen in the care of her parents on Hutchins Lake.
Daughter Jean went to Grandma's sister Ethel Lickley.
Mom roomed at Keith Hutchins home in town to be close to her job in the Post Office.

This is the Rock
as it appeared
in Bryan's
back yard
in 2016
See how the Glaciers
came down and covered
The Great Lakes.
The Gravel Pit this Rock came
from was on the Eastern
Edge of the Glacier.
Grandpa Sheckler pulled
this rock and all of his rocks
With the WAGON shown in
this 1942 photo. The location
of the pit is shown below.
This is how the Sheckler home appeared in 1969,
The year other rocks were being picked up on the Moom.
You can see the rock wall on the right side of the drive
where it turned to end at the house by the garage.
The Lake page displayed this.

This is Vern,
standing by the rock wall
just a short distance
from the garage.

1972 while living in Perry, Michigan, we made a trip to Fennville where we visited the Sheckler house.
The rock wall was still totally intact.
The wall with the stairs rising up it, extended under the house.
With better lighting, the other section could be seen in the dark area.
The garage was no longer in use.

Grandpa's rock wall was all, still there, half covered with house extensions overhead.
I asked the new owner if I could have one of the rocks. I still have it, 46 years later.

At this date, January 1, 2019; The Rock lays in
TY Hjelmeland's ROCK GARDEN.