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Back Cover Image of  “From Fishponds to Warships” by
Allan Seiden    -    CLICK PHOTO
Published May 1st 2001 by Mutual Publishing

the book presents a walk through this famous site from its pre-settlement day, when it was an uninhabited topical lagoon,
to the famous attack in 1941, on to the present where it has become an American icon visited by millions every year.

Ships marked with an asterisk (*) were within twelve miles of the island of Oahu but were not actually within Pearl Harbor proper.
Ships marked with a number symbol (#) were sunk or destroyed during the Pearl Harbor attack.


Battleships (BB)   Pennsylvania BB-38 - in Dry Dock No.1; Arizona BB-39; Nevada BB-36; Oklahoma BB-37; Tennessee BB-43;
California BB-44; Maryland BB-46; West Virginia BB-48.

Heavy  Cruisers (CA)   New Orleans CA-32; San Francisco CA-38.

Light Cruisers (CL) Raleigh CL-7; Detroit CL-8; Phoenix CL-46; Honolulu CL-48; St. Louis  CL-49; Helena CL-50.

Destroyers (DD)  Allen DD-66; Schley DD-103; Chew DD-106; *Ward DD-139 - patrolling Channel entrance to Pearl Harbor;
Dewey DD-349; Farragut DD-348; Hull DD-350; Mac Donough DD-351; Worden DD-352; Dale DD-353;
Monaghan DD-354 - preparing to get underway to aid Ward; Aylwin DD-355; Selfridge DD-357; Phelps DD-360; Cummings DD-365;
Reid DD-369; Case DD-370; Conyngham DD-371; Cassin DD-372 - in Dry Dock No.1;Shaw DD-373 - in floating drydock YFD 2;
Tucker DD-374; Downes DD-375 - in Dry Dock No.1; Bagley DD-386; Blue DD-387; Helm DD-388 - underway, nearing West Loch;
Mugford DD-389; Ralph Talbot DD-390; Henley DD-391; Patterson DD-392; Jarvis DD-393.

Submarines (SS)  Narwhal SS-167; Dolphin SS-169; Cachalot SS-170; Tautog SS-199.

Minelayer (CM)   # Oglala CM-4.

Minesweepers (AM)   Turkey AM-13); Bobolink AM-20; Rail AM-26; Tern AM-31; Grebe AM-43; Vireo AM-52.

Coastal Minesweepers (AMc)  Cockatoo AMc-8; Crossbill AMc-9; Condor AMc-14; Reedbird AMc-30.

Light Minelayers (DM) Gamble DM-15; Ramsay DM-16; Montgomery DM-17; Breese DM-18; Tracy DM-19;
Preble DM-20; Sicard DM-21; Pruitt DM-22.

High Speed Minesweepers (DMS) Zane DMS-14; Wasmuth DMS-15; Trever DMS-16; Perry DMS-17.

Gunboat (PG)         Sacramento    PG-19.

Destroyer Tenders (AD) Dobbin AD-3; Whitney AD-4.

Seaplane Tenders (AV)  Curtiss AV-4; Tangier AV-8.

Seaplane Tenders (Small) (AVP)  Avocet AVP-4; Swan AVP-7 - on Marine Railway.

Seaplane Tenders (Destroyer) (AVD) Hulbert AVD-6; Thornton  AVD-11.

Ammunition Ship (AE) USS Pyro AE-1 - at Naval Ammunition Depot, West Loch’; 

Oilers (AO) USS Ramapo AO-12; USS Neosho AO-23.

Repair Ships (AR) Medusa AR-1; Vestal AR-4.

Base Repair Ship (ARb) Rigel ARb-1.

Submarine Tender (AS)  Pelias AS-14.

Submarine Rescue Ship (ASR) Widgeon ASR-1.

Hospital Ship (AH)  Solace AH-5.

Cargo Ship (AK)    * Vega AK-17 - at Honolulu;

General-Stores-Issue Ships (AKS)  Castor AKS-1; * Antares AKS-3 - at Pearl Harbor entrance.

Ocean-going Tugs (AT) Ontario AT-13; Sunnadin AT-28;  * Keosanqua AT-38 -at Pearl Harbor entrance;
* Navajo AT-64 - 12 miles outside Pearl Harbor entrance).

Miscellaneous Auxiliaries (AG)   # Utah AG-16; Argonne AG-31; Sumner AG-32.

Motor Torpedo Boats (PT)   PT-20; PT 21; PT 22; PT 23; PT 24; PT 25; PT 26 - on pier, Navy Yard; PT-27 - on board Ramapo;
PT 28 - on pier, Navy Yard; PT 29 - on board Ramapo; PT 30 - on board Ramapo;  PT 42 - on board Ramapo.

District Craft - Harbor Tugs (YT)   YT 5;  Sotoyomo YT 9 - in YFD 2 with Shaw; YT 119; Osceola YT 129; YT 130;
YT 142; Hoga YT 146; YT 152; YT 153 - underway in channel.

Motor Tug (YMT) YMT 5.

Torpedo Testing Barge (YTT)  YTT 3.

Net Tenders (YN)  Ash YN 2; Cinchona YN 7;  Cockenoe YN 47 - Honolulu Harbor; Marin YN 53; Wapello YN 56.

District Patrol Vessel (YP)  YP 109.

Floating Drydock (YFD)  YFD 2 - with Shaw and Sotoyomo docked.

Salvage Pontoons (YSP)  YSP 11; YSP 12; YSP 13; YSP 14; YSP 15; YSP 16; YSP 17; YSP 18; YSP 19;  YSP 20.

Floating Workshops (YR)   YR 20; YR 22 - alongside Cachalot.

Miscellaneous (Unclassified) (IX) Cheng Ho IX 52 - Chinese junk motor yacht.

Gate Vessel (YNg) YNg 17.

Garbage Lighters (YG)  YG 15; YG 17 ; YG 21.

Ferryboat (YFB) Nihoa YFB 19.

Fuel Oil Barges (YO)  YO 30; YO 43; YO 44.

Seaplane Wrecking Derrick (YSD) YSD 9; Hulk - Ex-Baltimore CM 1.

Covered Lighters (YF)  YF 240; YF 241.

Open Lighters (YC) YC 429; YC 470; YC 473; YC 477; YC 651; YC 699.

Pontoon Storage Barges (YPK) YPK-2; YPK-3.

Submarine Rescue Chamber (YRC)  YRC 5; Ash Lighter YA; YA 66.

 Water Barge  (YW)  YW 10

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