BDM Bunker Buster
LIGHT fighters can now look forward to busting bunkers with a weapon specifically designed for that purpose, thanks to the new 83mm XM-141
Bunker Defeat Munition "BDM"

Designed primarily to defeat bunkers, the weapon is also highly effective against triple-brick and concrete block walls and armor. 

Until now light infantry, dismounted infantry and engineers engaged such targets using hand-placed satchel charges or Light Anti-armor Weapons, whose warheads were never designed for tackling bunkers. 

The BDM is a "disposable" munition, no dedicated gunner or maintenance is required. The BDM weighs 15.7 pounds, is 32 inches long in its carrying mode and has an effective range of 15 to 500 meters. It can be air-dropped on a pallet or by an individual and can mount a variety of night sights. 

The weapon is an offshoot of the Marines' Shoulder-launched, Multi-purpose Assault Weapon, which is a dedicated weapon system in their infantry squads. The BDM is essentially a SMAW-Disposable or SMAW-D. The SMAW, with a round loaded for firing, weighs 29 pounds compared to the BDM's total weight of 15.7 pounds. 

Due to funding shortfalls, only a limited number of rounds are available. They are stored on pallets, with training materials, and are available to contingency forces.